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Error publishing offer on AppSource but No Email.

I try to publishing but have no idea why it error because have only 1 email from microsoft that told me as picture below.


But i didn't see any other email and i open support request to findout the issues.

And the support told me that the email reply back without my email!


How to solve this issues?


I have to open support ticket to ask them to give my the error everytime?

I didn't see any direct way to see the error during validation?


Hi Kriengkai,


This error message is a message related to Consulting Services offer validation. 


You should not have to raise a ticket every time. A common issue is that the certification team might be sending the feedback to the wrong contact email. Please ensure that your email is included as the "primary contact" for your consulting service offer. You can see where to add that information in the interface in teh screentshot below. 


If you are the primary contact and you have not seen a message from the alias ampcs@microsoft.com, please check your junk folder. 


Finally, please ensure that you have read the content review guidelines in the documentation here, as this is the best way to accelerate your offer through certification: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/legal/marketplace/certification-policies#800-consulting-services-policies


where to find contact information per offer for consulting service offerswhere to find contact information per offer for consulting service offers

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Now i already got the Microsoft response from support. I open 4 ticket with 4 support person, and have only the last 1 active with me and have good response. 


To solve this issues i have to setup both email to my email. If see the picture below, i don't know why the issues sending to support contact why not sending to engineering contact or send to both email.


It a little bit confusing if you see the meaning, Microsoft should be sent to engineering during validation isn't it? Anyway i already have the direct contact and get all issues infromation.





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I have exactly the same issue. Have now waited since last night for the email explaining
the error and have also opened a ticket at Microsoft support, although without having
got any answers yet.

Could someone please advice what to do, so we can move on fixing those errors
and republish our apps?