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Error deploying appxbundle in Partner Center - display name not reserved

Hi - My team is trying to deploy an update to one of our apps in Partner Center for the store.  When I add the package, I get the following error during validation: "This package’s manifest (Package/Properties/DisplayName) uses a display name that you have not reserved: Microsoft News – Nyheder"  I actually did reserve the name "Microsoft News - Nyheder" yesterday when the error first appeared.  I've tried retrying the validation and always get the same error.  I also deleted the submssion and created a new one, but get the same validation error.  I've been trying since yesterday afternoon.  Does anyone know why I'm seeing this error when I did reserve that name? 


Hey Steve - I'm not familiar with that specific error and would encourage you to engage the publishing support team for troubleshooting. You can submit a ticket here: https://aka.ms/marketplacepublishersupport