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E-Mails from Offers

When the offer used to be in Azure Cloud Portal I used to receive emails when the app automated validation and the preview creation, but since it has moved to the Partner Portal I haven't received any of those emails.  I am set up as the technical contact.  Also, how do you add more contacts to receive emails?


Hey Matthew - you're right that we used to have automated notifications when an offer changed status build into Cloud Partner Portal (CPP). With the move to Partner Center, some of the functionality has changed.


I'm following up with my product management and operations teams to confirm whether this exists today, is on the roadmap, or is a new feature request.


In the meantime, here's documentation on managing your partner center account including creating new users: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/partner-center-account-setup


When you're logged in to Partner Center, you can subscribe or unsubscribe from certain notification types here:

configure notifications in partner centerconfigure notifications in partner center


Hi @mmccarthy7 


Thank you very much for getting in touch with us on Microsoft Partner Community!


About what portal exactly are you talking? 


If you have checked the settings and there is no issue there with mail preferences, I recommend you to contact support team for a proper solution. 


Thank you!