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Dynamics 365 BC offer - what is technically expected of a Connect App?

Hi community members,

I am interested in creating a Connect App for Dynamics 365 Business Central and uploading this to AppSource. In contrast to Add-On Apps which are written as Extensions v2.0, any programming language can be used for a Connect App.

My problem is: I don't understand what is expected technically from a Connect App. In one of the instruction videos I found that the Cloud Partner Portal asks a 'URL to App Installation' (see screenshot below) but I have no idea how the App Installation behind this URL should look like. 

Any explanations or document references regarding this are very much appreciated.

I have found this link about preparing an AppSource package for a Power App, but I don't know if this is relevant in the case of Dynamics 365 BC Connect Apps and how it would map exactly.

Thanks in advance! 


PS: I have been reading up on the docs and the whitepapers on https://aka.ms/BusinessCentralConnectApps and I understand the differences between an Add-On and Connect app, how to use the APIs and what is expected of the validations. My question is purely geared towards what is technically expected of the App Installation URL.