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Deployment from markplace fails, and very slow turnaround time for debugging

I have been trying out deploying some tip I got to get our AKS resource properly deployed using AMA, which included modifying our ARM template inside the app.zip we are publishing.

I followed by cancelling our current pending publishing, uploaded the new app.zip, and initiated another publish. It takes about 1.5 hours for it to get to the "Publisher signoff".


At that point, I tried deploying it to one of our test tenants. The deployment failed quite quickly with

  "message":"At least one resource deployment operation failed. Please list deployment operations for details. Please see https://aka.ms/arm-debug for usage details.",
          "message":"Appliance plan with product 'our-product-name', publisher 'publisher-name', name 'sku-name' and version '0.1.0' was not found."

What does this error mean?


I then tried reverting the ARM template to the previous step. I am now waiting again the 1.5 hours until I can test the deployment. Is this the best way to do this? It's quite impossible to debug and test such things, with a 1.5 hours turnaround just for deploying a simple ARM template from the marketplace.

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Hi @noamg@Andra@brian_levenson ,


I'm experiencing the same error and cannot find information anywhere. This page actually is the only result when searching for the error code 'AppliancePlanNotFound' on google. If any of you can point me towards a solution That would be so helpful!






Hi Clément 


It could be a transient issue. If redeploying doesn't resolve it, I would suggest raising a support ticket via Partner Center for them to investigate.


Best regards




I'm sorry to hear you're encountering issues! If you haven't already, I would encourage you to engage the support team for investigation and troubleshooting. It's slightly unclear to me whether you're experiencing problems with Azure or marketplace, so I've included a few resources below.


Support for marketplace publishers:



Technical support for partners:



Program support for partner:


Community Manager

Hi @noamg ,


Hope your week is going well!

I warmly reccomend you to check also the TechCommunity for indepth information. on this topic.


Also you can join our related Ask me Anything Event tomorrow, where one of our SME`s @brian_levenson will discuss about Azure Marketplace Roadmap.