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Deployment failed



I am ready to publish a BC app via AppSource. The current "Publish status" is ready to "Go live". Hence, I used the "AppSource Preview" to check if everything is as per wish. The Landing Page is just fine but if I try to install the app in the preview page ("get it now"-button), I cannot install succesfully. Obviously, the app is working when we tested and should be fine as such.


The error message reads as such:

Deployment failed. Errors: App ID : ccbc3fac-ca48-4cee-8c6f-bc6727c39e3d Message : { The extension is not available for your release. Check the country and version availability in the extension marketplace. } - Job Id : 156c20d3-6493-446d-988c-05007c480084


Now we have tried quite a lot but the message reads the same every time. We are publishing in english and the Version of other apps in the cloud are starting with "15.1.37881" and 15.1.37881.1 is the version we are using for the App version setting in Partner Center and in the app.json!


Regarding countries, alls markets are made available and I have tried to install in german, in english, while using german region and US region. 


Can anyone help me out what to do, where to check, etc.? We are stuck!


Thanks in advance,

Shreyas (orderbase)

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Hi Shreyas,


Did you managed to solve your issue? I've got the same problem now and don't know how to solve it.


Br, Lajos


Hi Shreyas,


Sorry to hear you are stuck. Please submit at ticket to Commercial marketplace publisher support: https://aka.ms/MarketplacePublisherSupport 


Warm regards,