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Customer details for SharePoint solutions

Whilst Microsoft facilitates a marketplace to list SharePoint solutions, there are 2 entry points (AppSource and the SharePoint store), which causes confusion for lead generation for partners.


Upon submitting many of our company's SharePoint solutions via Microsoft Partner Centre, we have discovered that no leads are captured from the SharePoint store, which seems to be a huge mistake on Microsoft’s part, as the SharePoint store is the main storefront for the SharePoint product. Instead, only customer leads are tracked when the SharePoint solution is downloaded from AppSource.


Our telemetry has informed us that our SharePoint solutions are in use across various customer environments, however as lead generation has not been captured in the SharePoint store (where most of these customers have downloaded the solution from), we have no way of engaging these customers as we do no have their contact details.


Thank you Ajay, we will take this up with our engineering team. Thank You!

Operations Manager at Microsoft