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Credit Card Payment Issues with Appsource

Wondering if anyone else is having difficulties with receiving credit card payments through the Microsoft Appsource. We are hearing from many of our customers outside the US that when they try to purchase our SaaS offering (FileWall)  the billing address defaults to the United States and can not be changed.  Other customers thought they have completed the purchase process and have received a strange error code

(Correlation ID d7dafdbc-c710-4a2a-b220-d2ab17842486 + the one in the picture). Would appreciate trying to understand this better so that future customers wont face this issue. 




Community Manager

Hi @uw ,


I checked internally with the team and you might have a different situation. Please submit a support request (ICM) so the team can look specifically at your case, account and advise on the next steps.


Kind regards,


Community Manager

Hi @uw ,


Happy New Year!

Thank you for your continuuous feedback on this matter.

Have you tried the workaround suggested above by Sagi: Please, as a mitigation step, add a new payment method (can be the same credit card) and try to repurchase.

@sagimarcus re-tagging you to see if there is an update on this issue?


Thank you!


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Level 1 Contributor

Thanks for replying.

The workaround didn't work and is also not acceptable by many non-US customers.

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We are having the same issue, can someone point me to a solution?

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Level 1 Contributor

Hi Sagi, 

Was there any progress on this or is there some workaround which can enable appsource purchasing for customers outside the US ?

Thanks in advance




We are working on fixing this issue.

Please, as a mitigation step, add a new payment method (can be the same credit card) and try to repurchase.



Sagi Marcus

Marketplace Team

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Level 1 Contributor

Hello Microsoft marketplace team,

This issue still persists with no solution for several months, can you please advise ?

we urgently need a fix or a workaround for this.


Thank you

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Hi @sagimarcus, is there an update on this? We've been desperately trying to find a workaround for a week now with several customers waiting to use our saas offering (fully integrated with MS). Our offering is live in 141/141 markets. However, when our Canadian customers go to pay, the region is locked to the United States (once you login to your account, it's locking to a tenant ID region or something?). This means when they go to add a payment method, it only provides U.S. states, not provinces. We can't accept payments right now, and we've exhausted many options (including changing regions on computer, changing languages etc...even though those aren't viable options to ask a customer to do without a personal walk through). Also, many customers don't necessarily have access to their IT stack to go in to admin.microsoft.com, making it extremely difficult to sell. Please advise. 

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Hi Sagi - The problem here is more severe than just changing the credit card. We are selling exclusively through the Appsource and can't continuously loose customers because of credit card issued on the Microsoft side. We also don't have the ability to communicate with customers in real time when they encounter this as it is on the Microsoft side. We'd like to have a call with the engineering team responsible for Appsource payments to demonstrate the issues we are facing.