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Create Active Directory App Registration During Managed App Deployment

Is there anyone with advice on the best approach for this identity scenario:


We’re offering our app (asp.netcore app on app services w/ functions, etc) on the marketplace for customers with data retention & on-tenant policies. Our SaaS app backs its user model with ADB2C, and we’d like to have the marketplace version let the customer use their Azure AD. That requires an app registration (app id, secret, callback url, etc). I’m looking to automate as much as possible during deployment, but it’s hard to know the best path. Since the app registration will require the callback url, which will be determined by the domain prefix picked at deployment, it may be counterintuitive to ask the user to create the app registration prior, notwithstanding any eventual permission issues. Do you know what the best path might be here? Asking for a User-assigned identity that already has a role on it that allows app registration creation may work, but seems like a lot of upfront work for the customers? I have a feeling this will also probably require some postDeployment scripts, etc. Any direction you could point me towards on what broad structure you would use to make it as smooth a deployment as possible, would be fantastic. Thank you!