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Consulting Services - Co-sell


I submitted 3 consulting services offer 2 weeks ago with co-sell documents. They are now published live. Just wondering why it is not labeled as co-sell even if all required documents were submitted. Any assistance or advice will help. I've been contacting Partner Center Support but they haven't gotten back to me.. 

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@justin Why is the number of products in the Marketplace limited to only Azure, Dynamics 365 & Power Platform? For example we have a number of offerings in the Project Online/Microsoft Project space but we can't submit them because there are no suitable options in the drop down lists.  It seems that Microsoft is deliberately limiting the options available to partners. Now SharePoint Deployment Planning Services is retired and FastStart is a poor replacement for this, there is nowhere for partners to promote their consulting service offerings where they offer a set of consulting service engagements for some existing technologies and platforms.  Microsoft have been promising to get this updated for 2 years now, so far this hasn't happened. Its as if Microsoft is discriminating against some partners in terms of what can be uploaded to the Marketplace. As a MS Partner of 30 years standing (22 as Gold) I find that incredibly disappointing. 


Hi there - thanks for your patience on this response. Has this been resolved with Support? The co-sell review can take some time after publishing your offer with the required co-sell documents. Also of note, Co-sell Ready status for services requires a completed business profile and Gold Competency, while publishing a Consulting Service itself only requires Silver. You can learn more about Co-sell requirements here.