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Commercial Marketplace Insiders Program

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With dozens of members, the Microsoft commercial marketplace insiders program is growing quickly!


We appreciate feedback and listen to suggestions from all partners and customers, but it is the marketplace insiders who are invited to early adopter programs, roundtable discussions, and Q&A office hours with the product group designing and building Microsoft AppSource, Azure Marketplace, and Partner Center.


Monthly office hours are open to all insiders and are not recorded so that we can have a truly open and honest dialogue. This month, we're adding a second session to accommodate time zones around the world.


So what are you waiting for? Sign up now! https://aka.ms/JoinMarketplaceInsiders

Level 5 Contributor



A few days ago the merge of Partner Settings and Developer Settings was demonstrated during a very interesting webinar. To be able to anticipate the release of this very important feature, is there any Preview program I could enroll in ?


My first goals would be about identity management and tenants / multi-tenancy merge between MPN/CSP and Commercial Marketplace.

My second one would be about Bank and Tax profiles because it's a nightmare and very time consuming to duplicate the ones already created for Incentives to be able to use the same with Publishers.


Many thanks if such an enrolment was possible

Christian FUMEY | OnLineO | Consultant & Founder | eCoaching Partner Center