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Level 2 Contributor

Change default country in App Source

When searching for our solution or company it's not easy to find it because the default country is USA. I still need to change country to Australia which is a 3-4 step process. Do you think this can be changed to global/ALL instead on USA or to where the country the user us located?


default country.JPG


Today the default country in AppSource is set to the U.S.  We are investigating several improvements to make the experience as relevant as possible for non-U.S. users, one of which is addressing this default setting.  Thanks for your question and the feedback!

Level 2 Contributor

Just checking for any movement on this please 


Hi Alvin - We definitely want the storefront to be relevant to the user and aware of his or her geography for a pleasant experience. I've shared your feedback with the AppSource team to evaluate how it is designed today and how it can be improved.

Level 2 Contributor

Thank you, we'll wait!