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Can you connect MSFT Marketplace to Pipedrive CRM for inbound leads?

Hi, I represent Mnubo and we're part of @Raj portfolio of partners. I'd like to leverage leads coming into marketplace on mnubo's page. Do you have any connectors to either ActiveCampaign or Pipedrive CRM? 

Thank you very much. 



Hello Agustin, 

We currently support the following targets for Lead Management: 

  • Dynamics CRM Online to get the instructions on how to configure Dynamics CRM Online for getting leads.
  • Marketo to get the instructions for setting up Marketo Lead Configuration to get leads.
  • Salesforce to get instructions for setting up your Salesforce instance to get leads.
  • Azure Table to get the instructions for setting up your Azure storage account for getting leads in an Azure table.
  • Https Endpoint to get the instructions for setting up your Https Endpoint to get leads.

For more information: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/marketplace/cloud-partner-portal-orig/cloud-partner-portal-get-customer-leads




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@czhu, do we route our Marketplace (MP) leads to all types of CRM? if not, how do we guide our partners to pick up their leads from MP, isn't there a self-service tool they need to login too? Can someone from MP place team help @Anonymous. Thank you



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Great questions! I've moved this thread to the marketplace forum for greater visibility from the marketplace/co-sell team to assist.