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Can I publish a WebApp which only supports Admin users?



We are a security company. We have an offering that allows enterprises to secure emails based on admin defied rules. 


We want to offer this on Microsoft AppSource. And, ideally, we want to list under Exchange which is not possible in AppSource. So, we are fine to list this under Web Apps.


The application requires admin consent and permission as it is deployed for a tenant and not a specific user. So, ideally, we want only admin to see this but we can live w/o that.


I see a lot of documentation on how to publish an app on AppSource or develop Office add-in or Sharepoint add-in etc. I am new to AppSource and struggling to find documents that explain what all is possible after a user clicks on Get It Now. 1) Can I ask AppSource to redirect to any URL or is there a specific framework/flow/steps defined for this? 2) Is it mandatory to support end-user login (of course Azure IDs) or can I restrict only admin users with Azure IDs? 


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