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Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace

Learn how to grow your business by publishing your cloud solution on Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace


Buyer's Guide: Microsoft AppSource & Azure Marketplace

To help Microsoft partners understand the customer experience buying from Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace and to simplify conversations with your customers, we've produced "A Buyer’s Guide to Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace."



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In this guide, you will find clear and concise sections covering pertinent topics:


  • What are Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace?
  • Find what you need
  • Take action
  • What you’ll need to make a purchase
  • Private plans in Azure Marketplace
  • Subscription management
  • Certification and security
  • Terms and conditions
  • Reviews
  • Support        
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Appendix A: delivery methods
  • Appendix B: pricing models


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Thanks @brian_levenson this is an excellent guide and I love it!! Is it not possible for products/services/solutions like this to be included in the Azure Marketplace?