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Azure Stack Pricing model



Can someone provide me an overview of the pricing model for Azure Stak from the service provider point of view. 

Are the pricing for the consumption set by the service provide or Microsoft? If it is fixed by microsoft, what is the percentage going to Microsoft and to the service provider?

If it is set by the serice provider, what is charged by Microsoft for the consumption?



Have you reviewed the info here already https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/overview/azure-stack/how-to-buy/ ?


This shows the charges from Microsoft for services - what the service provider adds to these costs is at his discretion. 

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This link has the pricing for the end users - this is what confused me. 

So the Consumption will be based on the pricing set by the Service providers? If so, are the Service providers compensated on the usage by Microsoft - as the end users buys azure credit to be used on the Azure Stack from the CSP.


Yes, this site shows the retail price.

Prices for Direct CSP Partners can be found on the Partner Center Dashboard in "Pricing & Offers" - Partner get a similar discount as for reselling other cloud services. So usually, the service provider is also a CSP to deliver everything within a single invoice. 

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Appreciate your help.

How would it work for a non-direct CSP service provider?




An indirect CSP Reseller would get the prices from his provider. 

If the service provider does not want to become CSP at all, he would need to work together with a CSP to provide services on Azure Stack.