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Azure Marketplace and AppSource Payout Policy Update

Change to Microsoft Payout Policy

To increase payout predictability, transparency, and speed, beginning May 1, 2020, we are updating our payouts policy relating to products purchased in Azure Marketplace or AppSource by customers with a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.


When a customer purchases a product from Azure Marketplace or AppSource using their existing Microsoft Enterprise Agreement for transactions after May 1, 2020 we will begin issuing payouts in the next payout cycle 30-days post customer invoice.  See the table below for details on the payout schedule.


Transactions where a customer utilizes a credit card are unchanged and will continue to have a 30 day holding period prior to payout. 


To learn more, including the steps taken in the event of customer non-payment, reference the new Payout Policy Details doc in the Getting Paid section of the Commercial Marketplace docs.



Level 1 Contributor

  • I am just curious on the pay out I been waiting for this in a long time..

I hope I can collect the pay out a soon as possible.. 

  Is it even my platform has no CRM and no data report? Is it possible I can collect payout now?

Antonio sagansay III

Hi Antonio - To get an update on a specific purchase/payout, I'd encourage you to submit a support case to our Publisher Support team so that they can investigate and engage the operations team as needed.


You can enter a ticket here: https://aka.ms/MarketplacePublisherSupport 

Level 2 Contributor

This is a fantastic update, Daniel, and makes it even easier to transact through Azure Marketplace. Great to see how quickly this was put into action!

Level 4 Contributor

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