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Azure Admin

Monitoring Subscriptions, Renewals and billings is a bit time consuming currently in the Azure portal.  Have there been any dashboards creating to better monitor and support clients?


Hi Carrie - are you referring to Azure subscriptions or software subscriptions from Azure Marketplace?


Subscriptions and renewals tend to apply to SaaS products from Azure Marketplace, and there is a "SaaS" page within the Azure Portal to manage these subscriptions. They also show up in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center as well.


I'm not aware of any dashboards for subscription management but would love feedback on the scenarios and challenges you're facing!

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Hi Brian,  I was hoping someone had experience setting up Dashboards within the Microsoft 365 Admin Center to better monitor Perfomance, Subscription billing and Subscription renewals related to the Customer Account and Azure.  Not sure if I am explaining it in detail enough.  Microsoft mentioned to me that there was functionality but to reach out to the community to see if anyone has experience in setting it up yet.

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Thanks for the tip on Azure Admin!  I'll try it!