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Appsource Geographic searching is useless because there is no restriction on partners selecting all geographies

I'm getting frustrated with support so trying here. This is a non technical issue / complaint regarding geographical set up of the marketplace. for consulting services. I am in Australia 🐨 and my offers service ANZ and some of Asia. However there are several providers who have selected every geography available so even though they are highly unlikely to be able to provide service, they fill up the listings so our offers are hard to find.


For example with search criteria as follows: https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/marketplace/consulting-services?country=AU&page=1&product=power-bi there are listings for companies such as NTR & Inviso who are US based, Clouds on Mars from Poland and Creakom from Germany.


😠This makes the whole marketplace a joke as most results will not be geographically relevant. Support can't help as apparently it is "by design" that customers have to filter by geo, and then work out if the partner can service them in their geo anyway. Surely there should be some restriction on Geo, or at least prioritisation in search results for companies that actually operate out of the Geo being serached for?

Community Manager

@James_Talos I am sorry to hear of your frustrations here. I don't know anything about this, but I would like to try and help. Do you have a support ticket # you can share with me so I can try and escalate it and get you some help and direction? 

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Hi - my ticket is #2208220010001043 - though I am having limited success as that is tech support and it's a business/design issue. The marketplace owner from a business perspective needs to be involved. This isn't a strict technical flaw with the system. It's an unforeseen consequence of how it has been designed.

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I agree...  the marketplace cannot be self-regulated as there are no controls over App spamming, and examples such as the above. It does a disservice to customers who have the onus to sift through the rubbish and spam to find the useful apps (if they even do). 


I have another example - we (https://data-driven.com) were the 3rd company in Australia to achieve the Advanced Specialization in Analytics. But all the big US companies appear in the Australia Search results as they have a subsidiary here (who has NOT achieved it) - thereby diluting our achievement.

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There are many examples of this...


It's like comparing the Apple AppStore (Curated) versus Android Play. I would expect an Enterprise B2B marketplace to be curated and high-quality.