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Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace

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AppSource leads

We have a couple of apps that require the customer to contact us for pricing etc. These are all set-up and published correctly but we are having problems with receiving the leads. We are receiving the email to say someone would like to be contacted but are not receiving the rest of the detail. These should be landing in Dynamics CRM. All of the tests are working but from a customer they are not. Any ideas??

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We have had problems off and on with the Marketplace to Dynamics CRM notifications.  We finally abandoned that method in favor of sending the notifications to an Azure Table. 

We then use Power Automate to send notification emails to our Marketing folks when new records are created in the Azure Table.  This has been working great for over a year. 

It’s pretty straightforward to set up.

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We think we encountered the same problem as you. It's quite difficult to do. for customers to understand all complex systems  🤔