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AppSource Preview Link Not Installing for Beta Users

Experiencing interesting and inconsistent issues with our AppSource preview of our app. We're working with a beta group of users to try out the first version of our app and they are reporting that when they select "Install" after choosing the Dynamics environment they want the app in, the install button doesn't do anything. Rather, it displays a loading/processing UI and then returns to its active state. The app does not download and it's a frustrating experience all around. 


Do AppSource preview links have a limit of installs that can occur? Is this something MSFT would govern? This doesn't happen to all users - some have successfully installed the app. However this is becoming a trend for customers looking to connect recently. 


I'm not aware of any such limit applied by AppSource but I have no experience with Dynamics Offers. I would suggest raising a support ticket via Partner Center to have them investigate.