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AppSource Marketplace - Need Help



In this post i'm going to explain the issue incuntred during the publishing proccess of PowerApps solution into marketplace APpSource. 

What i did: ref. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powerapps/developer/common-data-service/create-solution-app-appsource

- step 3rd:  I created my PowerApps Solution and exported it as a file .zip (files: CanvasApp folder (.msapp); costumization.xml; solution.xml; [content-types].xml) --> i think this is my AppSource package (?)

- step 4th: The .zip file should be my AppSource package (there is no .dll file) (?)

- step 5th: should i use my Solution file .zip?


I don't really understand how to put our solution on AppSource, i think it's unbeliveble to spend 6 working days to implement the canvas app and the solution and 6 days to understand how to publish the solution into the marketplace.


does anyone help me please (showing me exactly the steps) to understand finaly the right way to publish my solytion?


I thought that could be easer from Cloud Partner Portal. or from https://cloudpartner.azure.com


please let me know as soon.






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I think you are missing Setp:4 listed in MS document to create appsource package to publish offer on appsource.

Step 4: Create an AppSource package for your app

In that you need created packge for package deployer please have look on this Create packages for the Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement Package deployer


After following the above steps you have created .dll file like below

In CRM package project -> bin -> Debug -> .dll file


Crm PackageCrm Package