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AppSource - Logic App Test Drive Questions

We've already published ARM Test Drive and now we are going to switch to Logic App Test Drive and I have a few questions about it. 


Here are my questions:


  1. How can I Test Logic App Test Drive before publishing?

    For ARM Test Drive there’s a test tool, however for Logic App Test Drive I couldn’t find any tools or solution to test the Logic App Test Drive before publishing it.

  2. Does AppSource send emails to user or should the Logic App send emails?

    When Using ARM Test Drive, AppSource sends the email after provisioning and after the demo duration expired. From the sample logic app, I see the emails has been sent by the logic app, but on the other hand, in the documentation and in customer portal, I see a field for Access Information with replacement parameters. Does AppSource send these emails and if yes how should I provide output parameters?

  3. If the user request for an instance while they have already been assigned with an instance, Does AppSource handle the case or should the Logic App handles the case?

    When using ARM Test Drive, if a user requests for an instance while they have already been assigned by an instance, App Source doesn’t start a new deployment. Do I need to handle this inside the Logic App?

  4. Does AppSource support long running Logic App and what are expected response code and body of the Logic App?

    Let's say I have a multi-step Logic App involving a few function calls/callbacks, which may take 15-30 minutes long to complete the flow. Does AppSource wait for the Logic App to finish all the steps and does it expect any specific Response step (Any specific body format/status code)?

I've already explored Logic App Test drive documentation , Microsoft AppSource GitHub repository , Microsoft Azure Test Drive repository, and have seen the Sample CRM Logic App but couldn’t find a certain answer to my questions.

I’ve already asked two questions in Issues page of AppSource repository but didn’t receive any response.


Could you please assist on this?


P.S. Unfortunately my post has been marked as spam automatically two times for unknown reason and I didn't receive any feedback from moderators. So I post it for the third time without links to docs articles or github repositories. (Tanks @Andra for recovering the previous post, however since I've already posted the question again, I'll delete the other one and add links to this one.)

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Hi @brian_levenson,


Thanks for the reply, however it doesn't answer my questions about Logic App Test Drive.


While the documentations in GitHub and Docs are a bit different from what I can see in the partner portal, but apparently Hosted App Test Drive helps in provisioning/deprovisioning of the user for Dynamics or an existing app, and it doesn't help in provisioning/deprovisioning of the demo instance. 


We are not using Dynamics and we don't have an existing deployed demo app with a specific constant URL. In our scenario, whenever the user requests a Test Drive in AppSource, we would like AppSource run our custom logic to provision a new instance of our application and then AppSource send an email containing access information (including URL of the new deployed instance, the new username and password) to the user. Also when the demo duration expires, we would like AppSource run our custom logic to deprovision the expired demo instance.


Based on the documentation of Logic App Test Drive (which surprisingly has been removed recently and redirected to What is Test Drive!), it looks like Logic App Test drive is what we need to use for custom provisioning and deprovisioning of user and the demo instance. But there are some information missing in the documentations including "how to return value of replacement parameters from logic app" or the expected status code/content for response of the logic app and rest of the questions that I've asked above.


 Hope it helps to clarify the questions in the original post.


Hi Reza, I am still following up on this.

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Hi Brian, Thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂


Hi Reza,


Logic App Test Drive service for Dynamics CE and F&O offer type is running in support mode. It is meant only for partner who has any additional customization for their Test Drive experience. We have a new Test Drive service which is hosted into Microsoft tenant (known as Microsoft Hosted Test Drive service), where Partner has no need to deploy the ARM template in their individual tenant. Microsoft Hosted Test Drive service is recommended as default, but partner has an option to setup Logic App Test Drive service as well.


Microsoft Hosted Test Drive service onboarding document links – CE and F&O


Hope this helps!