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Anomaly detection in Partner Center could be better

I appreciate the efforts to make responding to anomalies easier by integrating it into Partner Center, but the current behavior kind of makes it harder. Things that need to be added to make this a usable interface:

  1. There needs to be a way to take bulk actions rather than one at a time.
  2. Responding to an anomaly and clicking submit refreshes the list of anomalies and you lose any sorting you've done.
  3. There needs to be filters on the Unacknowledged Anomalies list rather than only having the option of wading through a list of everything.
  4. Multi-column sorting and filtering would be useful.

I know this literally just released, but my company uses metered usage heavily and the current user experience is simply not usable for me because of the length of the list of anomalies you report to us. So far they have universally been not anomalies, so responding individually to hundreds of line items that all have the same response is a serious non-starter.


Note that this likely also says something about the limits being set in the ML, they seem a bit too sensitive in our case.