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Päivityksiä Security Workshopiin: Endpoint Protection ja Customer Cost Savings

Kumppaneiden arvokkaan palautteen perusteella olemme kehittäneet Security Workshop -konseptiamme. Siksi olemme julkistaneet kaksi uutta valinnaista workshop-modulia: Endpoint Protection ja Customer Cost Savings.


Katso uudet modulit täältä: https://aka.ms/securityworkshop/resources



The optional Endpoint Protection module leverages Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to help organizations gain insights on active threats and weaknesses related to their Windows 10 endpoints. The goals of the Endpoint Protection module are to help customers better understand the features and benefits of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, learn how to prioritize and mitigate potential threats found during the engagement, and understand existing endpoint weaknesses and what can be done to harden the endpoint surface area.


The optional Customer Cost Savings module uses key economic value from Forrester research about Microsoft Security products, and can be tailored to your customers’ IT scenarios to address cost savings across vendor license cost consolidation, IT admin and deployment, reduced total cost of risk, and automation and process improvement savings. The focus is on showing how Microsoft Security cost savings can help your customers during the economic uncertainty we’re all currently facing – opening the door to a deeper analysis of how customers’ potential cost savings demonstrate the business value of Microsoft Security.


Cost-savings conversations are designed to provide customers with the tools and resources they need to understand how to manage costs, feel confident in meeting their return on investment (ROI) obligations, and ensure they’re gaining the greatest value from Microsoft Security.


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