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Mitä uutta Microsoft Teamsissä tammikuu 2022



Listassa esimerkkejä Microsoft Teamsin uusista ominaisuuksista tammikuulta 2022. Alkuperäisen artikkelin ja sisällön kokonaisuudessaan löydät täältä: What’s New in Microsoft Teams | January 2022 - Microsoft Tech Community


  • You can now use a shortcut to unmute by holding down the Ctrl+Space keys (Windows) or Option+Space keys (macOS), then release the keys to go back to muted state again. This feature is on by default.
  • Custom backgrounds are now available to web users. You can blur your background or select from Microsoft-provided backgrounds during your video meeting or call, making your meetings more fun and personal.
  • High-fidelity music mode enables Microsoft Teams users to experience richer sound experiences when sharing non-speech content such as live music, songs through other applications, or medical signals during a virtual appointment with a physician.
  • You no longer have to see the text in your video flipped. By providing you with the option to un-mirror, you will be able to see the text correctly. Simply go to your Device Settings and toggle off Mirror my video.
  • Broadcasters now can create a high-quality, clean audio mix with our new isolated audio feed capabilities in Microsoft Teams.
  • Production teams can better manage their workflow and use Microsoft Teams as a contribution source for their broadcasts.
  • Walkie Talkie app in Teams is available on Zebra android devices and all iOS mobile devices.
  • We are announcing the general availability of the Reflexis Shifts connector for Teams, which integrates with the Reflexis Workforce Scheduler (RWS) to create a seamless, real-time sync for the viewing, assigning, and managing of shift requests.
  • Front row is a new layout for Teams Rooms, designed to enhance hybrid meetings and provide in-room participants with greater context of what is happening across various aspects of the meeting. With front row, remote attendees are seen in the room at eye level and additional meeting experiences including chat, and a rostered view of participants with raised hands, are brought to the front of room screen.
  • Switch between multiple video cameras in Teams Rooms on Windows. During meetings in Teams Rooms with more than one video camera attached in the space, people in the room can switch between cameras—by choosing from the list of available cameras.