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Microsoft 365 - tuottavuus ja tietoturva

Tuottavuustyökalut, tietoturva ja Surface-laitteet.


Microsoftin RSA 2021 -julkistukset tietoturvaan liittyen

Virtuaalinen RSA Conference 2021 -tapahtuma on käynnissä tällä viikolla ja se tuo yhteen kyberturvallisuusammattilaiset ympäri maailmaa. Microsoft on tehnyt joukon julkistuksia tietoturvaan, säädöstenmukaisuuteen, identiteetttiin ja hallintaan liittyen, joiden avulla kumppanit voivat tarjota asiakkailleen palveluita ja ratkaisuja Zero Trust -mallin mukaisesti. Lue lisää alta ja seuraa linkkejä lisätietoon.


Azure AD

Passwordless authentication and Temporary Access Pass help customers strengthen their access controls and simplify the user experience.


Powerful new features in Azure AD Conditional Access and Microsoft Azure provide admins more granular access controls while making it easier to control a growing list of policies.


Now in public preview:

  • Named locations: Restrict access to sensitive resources from specific countries or regions based on the user’s GPS location.*
  • Filters for devices condition: Apply granular policies to require access from devices that meet particular criteria.*
  • Enhanced audit logs with policy changes: It’s easier to understand changes to Conditional Access policies.
  • Azure AD login to Linux VMs in Azure: Customers can now use Azure AD login for Azure Linux VMs.


*These features will be available in public preview later in May 2021.


Now in general availability:

  • Named locations at scale: Create and manage IP-based named locations with support for IPv6 addresses, increased number of ranges allowed, and additional checks for malformed addresses.
  • Easily search, sort, and filter policies: Search by policy name and sort and filter policies by creation or modified date and state.
  • Azure AD login for Windows VMs in Azure: Customers can now use Azure AD login for Azure Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 VMs.


Endpoint Manager

  • Filters for devices are now available in preview in Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Learn more
  • To help protect data from potential leakage on mobile devices, we’re introducing new conditional launch settings with App Protection Policies in Microsoft Endpoint Manager.
  • Now in general availability – The ability to configure Android Enterprise-enrolled devices with Azure AD shared device mode in Microsoft Endpoint Manager.
  • We recently released a Microsoft Endpoint Manager preview of the Setup Assistant for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS automated device enrollment. Learn more


Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint:

  • You can now discover and secure unmanaged endpoints and network devices to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • The threat and vulnerability management capabilities in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint now also support Linux OS.


Learn more


Microsoft 365 Defender:

Now in general availability – the converged portal for Microsoft 365 Defender, which unifies and simplifies XDR capabilities for endpoints, email, and collaboration.


Microsoft Defender for Office 365:

· Recently launched features make it easier to understand configuration gaps in customers’ environments.

· Recently announced Secure by Default capabilities eliminate the risks posed by legacy configurations.


Azure Sentinel

  • Now in public preview – Azure Sentinel Solutions, a new, easier way to discover and deploy use cases for Azure Sentinel.

· New anomaly detections, including User and Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) have been added to provide additional context while hunting or fused with incidents.

· We’re extending protection to the application level with the preview of the SAP threat-monitoring solution for Azure Sentinel.


Learn more


Microsoft Cloud App Security

· New enhancements will help protect against recent cloud-based attack types.

· General availability of the integration between Microsoft Information Protection and Cloud App Security will enable greater visibility, control, and protection for sensitive data in the cloud.


Other announcements

· New capabilities in Insider Risk Management solution help you address insider risk in a holistic, collaborative way.

· eDiscovery support for Microsoft Graph connectors will be available in Summer 2021 as a developer preview.


Additional resources

Get details about these announcements and more in these resources from Vasu Jakkal, CVP, Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity:


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