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User Experience when deep linking to a thread in a closed group

Status: Under Review

We are heavily using closed groups and also linking threads into partner communication.

When a partner is clicking onto such a deep link to a thread and this thread is based in a closed group and the user is not part of that closed group the user experience is aweful - because:

a) the error message is wrong 

b) the user is not guided in what to resolve the problem (request group join)


This creates a lot of trouble, additional actions and low CPE.

So please fix the error message and help the user in creating a join request just out of the error message as it is e.g. seen in SharePoint and other forum software. 

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Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @Stephanus ,


thanks a lot for this idea!

This topic has been raised before and currently we are reviewing this matter from an engineering perspective.

I am changing the status of the idea accordingly and will update as we progress.


Have a great day ahead,