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Portal Lab

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I am new to this group and to my understanding, this group is there to work with you on those ideas that will help you serve your community better.

I am a non-profit partner of Microsoft and now in the partner community. ITExperience is a nonprofit that is helping participants transition into the tech industry through trainings on on-demand jobs by collaboration with companies, experts in different tech skills who want to volunteer their time to give back to the community, etc.  Our emphasis is on lots of projects work hands-on and our target market is women, underrepresented communities, minorities, etc. 

 In order to serve this community better, this is my idea


Problem Statement

A lot of people graduate from boot camps, do a lot of trainings online either self-taught or pay some huge amount to get trained, and still don't get to fill the positions out there for jobs. There are very few companies like the big techs that are ready to train a newbie. Most companies want who is ready on the first day to hit the ground running. The big tech cannot employ everyone and only very few get jobs after this trainings either due to network or pure luck.  Recruiters don't look at your resume if you don't have some years of experience in tech working in the field.  This has made transitioning slow and I am speaking from experience.



 Portal Lab

A Platform where people just work on projects for example participant logs into their portal lab picks up data analyst projects goes through the stages from start to completion by doing the ask- prepare the data- process it - analyse - share and act by applying insights that were shared. The participants do these projects continously, get better at it (training ground).

Participants are rated based on how many projects they work on and they also have to subscribe to the platform. Participants have unique identifiers they can share on social media or employers to see the work they have done.



The experts that we recruit put the projects into the portal and are rated based on successful completion of their projects, so they are in charge of participants that are enrolled, be ready to guide them through and make sure projects are completed, If possible they get income from these, creating side hustle income.



They pay to access our platform, they see firsthand the projects that are being worked on, how each participant approaches the projects, able to see how the analysis was done, displayed, etc.  They can filter on candidates etc, They get the right candidate to schedule interviews just to get to know if he is a fit for their organization and not if he can do the work.


The portal ties in all entities talked about and can be done for all kinds of projects and reach can be worldwide and with remote working gaining grounds it no brainer. @DanielIkem