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New Data & AI Solution Partner

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Level 2 Contributor
Level 2 Contributor



The feedback I have and want to share with you is Solution Partner Certification related.

Namely, at the moment required exams to become a Data&AI Solution Partner are more Azure-related than BI-related. 


Within 7 different certificates which count and are scored + 2 exams which make Partners allowed to be scored there is only one related to Power BI (that is PL-300 known before as DA-100 which we were obliged to pass e.g. for Data Analytics competency we had as Gold Microsoft Partner highly specializing in BI solutions) while the rest is related to Azure. 


As you can imagine, exams like AZ-104 and AZ-305 are not really close to our daily work and scope of interest while DP-500 is a new Enterprise exam highly correlating to our projects.


The main question is whether you may consider adding this DP-500 exam as an alternative to AZ-104 or at least AZ-305. Here is the description of this exam: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/exams/dp-500


At the moment AZ-104 is the only one that allows being scored for all DA-100 and PL-300 certifications (while allowing people to pass DP-500 instead of AZ-104 would be very natural).