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Make All “Servers” available under CSP Inc SA only skus

Status: New
Level 4 Contributor
Level 4 Contributor

I often speak to customers about moving to CSP from an EA however with Servers like Windows Server DC and System Center usually require me to fallback to Open Licensing for the white space. 
A year or so ago Microsoft announced the price alignment across Licensing Agreemebts because customers should be choosing the licensing program on what’s right for them, not the pricing.
By allowing server subscriptions under CSP it simplifies the whole engagement, enables the partner to manage the transaction experience with ease, makes the skus all available under admin.microsoft over the VLSC. From my understanding with onprem software support is still provided direct to Microsoft as opposed to Cloud subscription triage and Premier Support reporting.

also include SA renewals, that way a partner can leverage the SA like sku for things like FPP and OEM attach.