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Closed groups: Making the number of posts visible for non-members

Status: Completed

Various people have pointed out that our community seems to be inactive due to them not being logged in and only seeing the groups but not the number of posts. The number of posts is actually displayed as zero to them. 


It would be great if we could leave the groups closed but still display the number of posts to non-members so that partners are more likely to join if they see some activity in the groups. 



Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Review
Community Manager
Status changed to: Completed

This change has been implemented.



Not applicable

In fact you are right on the subject all though it is difficult to find the community website even after research it took me some time to find the community website.

Community Manager

Hi @Anonymous ,


That is an interesting feedback. Could you please reproduce the steps you took in finding the Microsoft Partner Community and most of all, what are you hoping to see here?

Perhaps I can point you in the right direction.


Thanks a lot,


Level 4 Contributor



I would love to see more activities regarding promotion or marketing material of SharePoint, Power Apps and other Microsoft 365 managed services. We are Microsoft partner and want to interact how we can utilize the all features and benefits for partners like us.


Kind Regards,


Syed Nouman