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C: drive is filling up until is not enough space on the disk.

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Hi All,

I need advice, My application is server  2012 R2 and running SQL Standard 2012 SP3. I found the C: drive is filling up until is not enough space on the disk and the error message as below.

Event ID 428 Source ESENT svchost (2440) An attempt to write to the file "C:\Windows\system32\LogFiles\Sum\Svcres00002.jrs" at off

set 5242880 (0x0000000000500000) for 0 (0x00000000) bytes failed after 0.000 seconds with system error 112 (0x00000070): "There is not enough space on the disk. ". The write operation will fail with error -1808 (0xfffff8f0). I


f this error persists then the file may be damaged and may need to be restored from a previous backup.

I found the large folder "C:\Windows\system32\LogFiles\Sum" .  

Any one can tell me, what is data file in "C:\Windows\system32\LogFiles\Sum" ?

How to prevent that folder filling up until is not enough space on the disk?

Thank you





I would advice to post this in the technical communities, thistopic is not really an idea for Partner Center, it is a technical question:




It might be User Access Logging service, but it might also be other services. You can use Process Monitor to check who is writing into this folder.

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I'm very sorry and thank you for advice to post in the technical communities.


Thank you