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Updates, resources and links for Inspire POTYA 2021.


Frequently Asked Questions / Part 2 - POTYA



What is the deadline for submitting my entry?  

The last day to submit an awards entry is April 212021 11:59 P.M. Pacific Time that day. No extensions beyond this will be given. This deadline is FIRM.   


Can I submit more than one entry?  

Yes, you can submit different entries or nominate different solutions for the same category or enter the same solution in different categories (if it is appropriate for the award category). NOTE: We ask that you not waste your time or the judge’s time. You must meet the requirements for the award category you are submitting for in order to be selected as a winner or finalist.  


Can I submit my solution in an award category even though I don’t meet the eligibility requirements?  

To be selected as a winner of finalist in an award category, you must meet the specified eligibility requirements. This requirement cannot be waived.  


What award should I apply for? Can you review my solution and advise me?  

Unfortunately, we cannot review solutions. However, if you have a Microsoft account manager, they can possibly provide your organization some assistance.  


I noticed that some of the award categories change year over year. Why is that? 

The Microsoft Partner of the Year Awardis aligned around solution areas. Careful consideration is given each year in formulating the awards offerings, both aligning with the mission and goals of the Microsoft Partner Network and the partner ecosystem. We invite you to review all awards guidelines/requirements to see all categories in which you may qualify.   


How can I get help if I don't understand one of the questions?  
Email the Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards team. Let us know which question you need assistance with, and we will try to clarify it for you. Please allow two (2) business days for a response.  


What are the judging criteria?  

These vary by award. However, all entries are judged solely on your executive summary answer to the awards guidelines, so answer them to the best of your ability.  


Are you looking for an answer for a single solution or for multiple customers?  

This depends on the solution you are nominating for. If this solution has been deployed with multiple customers, then answers to the award questions should apply to all your customers.   


By which date must the solution I am nominating have been delivered to my customer?  

We are looking for new solutions with an emphasis on market success and growth. For this reason, you should nominate a solution that has been or will be delivered with the latest Microsoft technologies. Please see individual award guidelines for more details.