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Key resources and guides

Find key resources and guides for engaging with nonprofit customers.


Why Cloud for Nonprofits

Ever come across a nonprofit customer who was reluctant to move to the cloud?


We've developed a partner playbook and customizable assets to help you have productive conversations with Nonprofits about moving to the cloud. This campaign-in-a-box will enable you to show your nonprofit customers how they can drive greater impact through technology.


In this campaign you'll find:

  1. resources to address existing and new customer's most comment objections to moving to the cloud
  2. guidance on having productive conversations with nonprofit customers
  3. templates and ready-made assets to help you go straight to market with a Why Cloud campaign


Download it now at aka.ms/NPWhyCloud

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Re: Why Cloud for Nonprofits

Will there be any updates to the data in the 5 Reasons materials?  2015 and 2016 a little dated

Thank you, 


Re: Why Cloud for Nonprofits

Hi Bob,

That is a great question!

We do have some upcoming research projects over the coming months, so I will definitely see if we can

get more recent insights into cloud consumption and cloud adoption.


Thanks for checking!