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Key resources and guides

Find key resources and guides for engaging with nonprofit customers.


Security for Nonprofits

When talking to nonprofits about security, you probably hear many concerns. How do you convert these leads into fans who not only understand the importance of addressing security needs, but also how it can enable their organizations to do more?


Here, we share a complete Partner Playbook and customizable assets so you can demonstrate how securing their organizations will empower your nonprofit customers to drive greater impact in the communities and causes they most care about.


In this Play-in-a-Box you’ll find:

  1. Resources to address existing and new customers’ most-cited challenges around security
  2. Ways to address common concerns with confidence
  3. Time-savers for developing relationships and customizing resources, rather than crafting appeals and pitches from scratch


By focusing on the needs and challenges unique to nonprofits, you’ll access a whole new market of clients who are ready to develop into digitally resilient and compliant organizations.


Download now at aka.ms/NPSecurity