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Key resources and guides

Find key resources and guides for engaging with nonprofit customers.


Onboarding resources for working with nonprofits

If you're new to this community, or new to working with nonprofit customers then, welcome and thank you!


Here are some resources to help you onboard with us:

  1. Nonprofit licensing and EA guidance
  2. CSP nonprofit licensing and skus
  3. Nonprofit Digital Assessment worksheet
  4. OnePager about Tech for Social Impact


Stay tuned for more content coming!

Level 1 Contributor
Level 1 Contributor

Great content, thank you. Is there we can get a working copy of this instead of a PDF please? Not all of the content is relevant to all customers.



Hi Ben,


Would you mind providing a little extra detail please:

  1. Are you refering to the CSP Walkthrough deck or a different asset?
  2. Which information are you looking to edit / remove?
  3. Who are you planning to share the edited version with (internal or customers)?




@NicoleAfek: One question reg. the 10 "free" seats for M365 Business - how exactly does the ordering process look like within CSP? Does the customer need to provision the 10 seats in the Non-Profit portal or M365 admin portal himself, or will the partner just provision the M365 Business subscription and 10 seats of this order will simply not be charged?


@JanoschUlmerThe M365 Business 10 seat offer is available via Web Direct or CSP once the customer has eligibility granted.


On CSP the 10 seat donation offer is in the price book at zero value. The SKU is locked to only allow a maximum of 10 of this SKU to be added to a tenant. The partner would then add the discounted M365 Business SKU for any additional seats that the client needs.

M365B SKU's.jpg


A new customer wanting to buy via a partner can use the eligibility process to get approved and access a tenant. Then the partner can make a relationship request via Partner Center and then add the SKU's via CSP.  If the customer has a tenant already we have a different process to check eligibility and then tag the existing tenant as nonprofit.


I hope that this helps answer your question😀🤞🏻

Ian Drew
Microsoft - Tech for Social Impact
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Thanks for the informamtion Nicole. Very helpful.


We have a new walkthrough experience for CSP that i wanted to share (attached). Please let us know if you have any questions!


The attached file contains information on the revised process to register a customer for Microsoft nonprofit offers when they already have an existing Office 365 tenant account.

Ian Drew
Microsoft - Tech for Social Impact