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Subscribe to a Group

With regard to the transition from Yammer to the new Partner Centre Security Guidance Group on MPC, how do we subscribe to the Group, rather than having to go to each Board and potentially each Topic to subscribe. I have several Groups i need to subscribe to each with many many Boards and Topics? Also if i subscribe to all the Boards within a group (that i suspect i need to) and then a new Board is created within that Group, am i automatically subscribed to the new Board within that Group?


Hi @bex300662

I do not believe this is currently possible. Based on my understanding you will need to subscribe to each board where you want to receive a notification. I am adding @v-diann to this thread to see if she knows a way to accomplish this. 


I have checked with the MPC technical team and yes, currently members need to subscribe to the group that they are interested in and susequently subscribe to specific boards that they are interested in.

This way, members are not spammed with information that they aren't interested in recieving. We encourage you to regularly check MPC to find the latest and greatest content!.

Diana Nguyen
Program Manager, Microsoft Partner Influencers
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Seems like a bit of a design flaw. If everything in yammer moves over I'll have to subscribe to hundreds of boards.