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Move O365 Tenants and their Subscriptions to another CSP partner

Our CSP partner is cutting services. We have over 1000 tenants under that partner ownership. So basicly it's very painful to recreate so much subscriptions. 


Is there a less painful way to migrate those Tenants/Subscription to another CSP partner ? 

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Hi, do you mean you currently have licenses with a Microsoft CSP, and this CSP will shut down, so you want to move the licenses & the data to a different CSP? 


if Yes, then it's simple; you find another CSP and ask for a "reseller relationship". you will receive a link via email that would have you sign in with your current admin account and accept the agreement. once that is done the new CSP will provision the same number and type of licenses you currently have with your provider and voila! you just need to ensure when is the service cut off from the previous provider.


if you are in the UK and need further assistance let me know.