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Level 2 Contributor

Find all users enabled as a partner company admin?

I am unable to find a way to report on who all is assigned a role as a partner company admin. This seems odd given the push for security. Is there something i am missing? I have tried various roles in powershell and the 2 obvious looking ones report back nothing. I need to get this info in order to migrate accounts and i'd rather not manually go through a thousand plus users to find the 20 odd admins.

Level 2 Contributor

So really no response even from a Microsoft rep? They want us to be more secure but not provide any guidance?

Community Manager

Good day @CM42 ,


Thanks for reaching out to the Microsoft Partner Community!

Although I have a limited visibility in Partner Center, I will do my best to help.

What type of role do you hold in Partner Center ?


Have you tried: you log in in Partner Center, click CSP on the left column-> from the drop-down select Overview -> in the main window go to User Accounts -> select View users -> a new window opens where you can filter the users by role (global admin, etc.). 


Let me know if this helps,