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Multi Geo under CSP for mailboxes

I’m looking for a quick check if this is even feasible for a CSP customer’s GDPR needs.

A company who has CSP with a mix O365 E3, E5 as large as under 300 seats.  They sought for  Multi-Geo to resolve their needs for:

  • GDPR compliance:  They will want to have a proof-of-concept in Germany first
    • Inboxes may now contain sensitive data and will have to be physically stored in Germany


Is this possible under CSP agreement?


@waseemxam : If the customer tenant is set up in Germany (German address set up for the company), the mailbox data will be automatically stored in Germany.

But even if the tenant is set up in another country, GDPR compliance is adhered as per the contract (See Online Services DPA . Also, even if the mailbox is in Germany, there might still be data transfers to other countries.


Multi-Geo SKU can be used to ensure mailbox data is located close to the user location, but usually not really needed for compliance (well, it may ease the discussion with concerned customers).


Overall the question is if the tenant was set up already and where the users are located. E.g. if some users are in France and others in Germany, Multi-Geo might not be required. If a considerable amount of users is in the US and others in Germany, Multi-Geo might make a lot of sense with regards to performance.

Kind regards, Janosch
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So glad that the tides are turning and multi geo add on is scheduled for release under CSP / New Commerce Experience.


“Also planned for the CSP program new commerce in March: feature enhancements for Windows 365 and three-year term offers, hybrid use benefits (HUB), home use program (HUP), and multi-geo add-ons for Microsoft 365.“

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The customer would also need to ensure they have a qualifying product as the sub 500 seats won’t allow them to start a new agreement on its own for desktop EA. (Unless existing EA renewing).

(Multi Geo has a minimum 250 qualification).

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That is correct, thank you @Shandley !

As for minimum for EA there are exceptions that subs can make and multi-geo could be one of the business reasons.

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At my knowledge there is no multi-geo SKU in CSP. So I am afraid customer would need to go to EA.

Jevgeni | European Lead for Modern Work & Security |