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Microsoft Cloud Partner Program - Business Applications

I just joined the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program Discussion and am shocked about the change of competencies/specialisations (ok, read about it already so the shock was just confirmed).

We are coming from the ERP/Cloud Business Applications (AX/D365 Finance &SCM) competency and will be struggeling hardly to reach the new goals. Besides the fact that the PCI score in the Partner Dashboard still shows wrong figures, I highly doubt that "smaller" partners (<200 employees) will be able to reach the 70 point mark. 

And it does not really help to give us a grace period to extend the existing benefits/competencies for another year if the requirements are going to be the same.

Anyone else in the same boat?

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I'm in the same position with 4 support requests open for different measures that are wrong. The oldest is from April.

Some progress but it is slow, and no resolutions yet. Part of the issue being it's taking so long the data and points are different each month.

I have to re-validate to see if the measures are still wrong.


Realisation, I hope, from Microsoft that the data used is inaccurate and incomplete.

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I have the same problem about the customer from NCE is not be calculated as MCPP score. I have opened a case in Partner Center around 2 months ago, but still not be solved yet.

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I did get some insight into this from Microsoft reference the support request I raised.

They are aware of an issue related to NCE subscriptions, probably across all solution areas, not just Business Aps.


I also determined and pointed out to Microsoft that none of the Dynamics 365 cloud transition promotions are being included in our metrics.

Resulting in negative deployments, and lower than expected MAU growth.

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One of the Inspire sessions mentioned there may be a set of lower thresholds or revised points system for SMB focussed partners in this solution area.

No indication as I recall, when this would be communicated.

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Having similar issues with different solution area metrics. Three separate support requests, and no resolutions yet.

Differences between the Insights reports vs the solution are reports, and inconsistencies with no easy way to validate the numbers.


We have more customers, supplied more licenses (D365, M365, O365 etc), have more MAU, yet our Modern Work SMB MAU growth is negative, D365 net new, and deployment are low too.


My impression is Microsoft are not collecting all relevant data, and missing NCE would certainly explain some of that.

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I have been fighting with MS for 2 months now about the wrong calculation for each category. MS did not include the customer from NCE. Therefore our score will always be 0 for the customer growth and the success rate category.