Improve Success with Surface Syndicated Content

Surface Landing Pages

Whether they come straight to a partner website or from the website, customers continue to look for rich and relevant Surface content on partner pages. To address this  need and make it easier for our partners to integrate Surface content onto their website, we developed two new syndicated Surface landing pages (one for PC family and one for Surface Hub) that partners can use.


Our data has shown that since launching these pages 3 months ago, we have had 64 partners using the Hub page and 66 partners using the PC family page. These pages have received over 18,000 impressions and partners have received at least 58 new leads through the "Contact Us" buttons on the pages.


The syndicated landing pages are managed internally and will automatically sync across all partner sites that use the one-time code. This means that partners will only need to plug the code into their websites once, and any changes made will automatically update onto the sites that have it. The twos pages will be refreshed 2-3 times a year. Once a partner has plugged the code onto their page, they do not need to do anything again to stay up to date.


Surface Inline Content 

We have also developed a new program in partnership with CDS to land rich content on eCommerce PDPs on Partner websites. While the previous initiative was created to land Surface family messaging on the partner homepage, this program is focused on landing device-specific marketing content on each device page. This content is designed internally and will automatically sync across partner PDPs. Adding Inline Content provides continuity of messaging and alignment with Microsoft brand guidelines


Please read the Surface Syndicated Content Guidance Deck attached to find more information on both these intiatives. The deck includes detailed instructions on both platform as well as how to implement them onto partner websites.