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CSP - Upgrade from Microsoft 365 Business Standard to Microsoft 365 Business Premium mid term

We are currently being asked to upgrade CSP part 'Microsoft 365 Business Standard' to 'Microsoft 365 Business Premium' due to the existing CSP part being mid-term.


I've inserted a screenshot below of the area I have navigated to which shows I'm able to simply click through and upgrade said parts to 'Microsoft 365 Business Premium'.


The questions I would like to ask are the following:


Firstly, If we proceed with the upgrade, will this product transfer to the CSP incarnation of 'Microsoft 365 Business Premium' or will the system automatically push the product over to the NCE incarnation of 'Microsoft 365 Business Premium'?


If the answer to the above question is that the part will in fact transfer to the NCE equivalent, Are we able to work off the current pricing in the NCE pricelist?

Furthermore, how would that work? since the existing part is committed until May 2023 (1 year commit), would we work off the annual commit NCE price and then pro-rate the monthly value to the end of the existing committed term? or would the annual commit reset once we upgrade over?


If the answer to the above question is that the part will remain as the CSP incarnation of the product, how exactly do we obtain this pricing since My understanding is that we no longer have access to CSP pricelists for these parts.


Also please correct me if any of my assumptions or information is incorrect.



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There is no possibility with legacy subscriptions to perform an upgrade. Only NCE subscriptions have this capability.

Assuming you do not provide Premium licenses, when you partially upgrade some Standard licenses to Premium a new subscription will be created.

This will take the same attributes from the Standard subscription, term, billing frequency and end-date.


From a billing perspective, all changes will generate pro-rated credits or charges.


As Claudio has recommended. The NCE Handbook explains the scenarios.

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Hello @josephv 


You will find all your answer in the CSP NCE Handbook: