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Where to Begin in IoT: Partner Opportunity and Solution Overview


Hi partners and friends! I am so happy to be doing this series on IoT and showing how Microsoft can help you get the most out of this great technology.

First and foremost, let’s talk about how IoT is helping transform the way customers do business. There is going to be an estimated 30 billion connected devices by 2020. This provides a great opportunity for partners as there is an estimated 70% of value enabled by IoT will come from B2B scenarios as reported by McKinsey & Company.

And the best part is that customers are realizing the real business impact of IoT solutions today! Companies like Rolls-Royce, Johnson Controls , and public sector agencies utilizing our AvePoint Citizen Services solution are already using IoT services.

With the advent of IoT technology for partners, there’s a 55% average gross margin for businesses with leading data and analytics capabilities. You do not want to be behind the curve on this!

Now you may be thinking, “Okay Dux, this sounds good and all, but how can I get started offering IoT to my customers? There’s a lot of depth to trying to sell this technology.”

Well, luckily my friends, I am happy to let you know that Microsoft has simplified IoT so that all of their partners can benefit!

They’ve made it easier to:

  • Build secure, scalable solutions from device to cloud
  • Provision devices at scale
  • Manage devices at scale
  • Find insights from your IoT devices
  • Infuse devices with intelligence
  • Benefit from IoT

Be sure you follow this series to learn more about how you can benefit from IoT and partnering with Microsoft! In the meantime, checkout these resources from Microsoft on how to start growing your business with IoT.


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Where to begin in IOT?


Great initiative Dux! IoT is still hot and there any multiple business opportunities around this. Not necessarily IoT hardware, but more around different service models (XaaS) that you can discover thanks to the opportunities that IoT opens up.

Let's keep the discussion flowing! 🙂


Regards, Per