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The 6 Key Tips to Being a Successful Microsoft IoT Partner

Hi Friends! Back again for my series on how partners can make the most out of Microsoft’s IoT solutions for partners. In my last post,  I gave an example of how AvePoint is already utilizing IoT offerings for our customers, and today I will cover what you need to know to be a successful Microsoft partner too!


Step 1: Explore and Discover the IoT Opportunity

The first step, which is also the most important, is realizing all the great opportunities with providing IoT solutions! Make sure you follow along with my series to get more insight.

Step 2: Make the jump to become a Microsoft Partner

If you haven’t already, make sure you’re enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Network to establish and build your company presence within the partner community.


Step 3: Get Executive Support

Once you’ve understood the possibilities and opportunities with IoT and you’ve become a Microsoft partner, it’s time to get leadership buy-in and explain who you can drive revenue by offering IoT solutions to customers.

Step 4: Build your organization’s IoT practices

After you have internal leadership buy-in it’s time to get everyone on board from the technical side to executing sales and marketing. This is where you’ll want to make sure everyone is getting trained on the technical details of Azure IoT and developing your own unique IoT solution.


Step 5: Secure an initial IoT project with a customer

The most crucial part, and what all the other steps lead to is finding your first customer! Be sure you’re identifying ideal customers and present a proof of concept to them and how IoT can help their business needs.

Step 6: Continue to develop and grow your IoT practices

Once it’s all said and done and you’ve established your IoT practice and built your customer base, make sure you continue to develop and grow yout IoT solutions, capabilities, and practice!

For more information on how to become a successful Microsoft Partner while utilizing Azure-based IoT, check this page out for more information!