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Manage your IoT data with ease

IoT, as we know, is very significant today and ever-increasing with an array of devices being connected on a daily basis—yet, the security of access for the various devices is still unreliable.

Along with providing users with easy access to all the devices, it is equally important that the accesses to these devices are provided in a stringent and secure manner.

Enabling ourselves with solutions which can empower us with security is imperative. The right step towards this is to obtain efficient Identity Management solutions.

It must have the ability to :

  1. Register to IoT devices such as Rasberry Pi, Arduino Uno
  2. Distribute and manage firmware on IoT devices 
  3. To observe IoT device operations

Further, it must support a variety of protocols such as XMPP, HTTP, Websocket and MQTT for communicating with all your IoT devices.


IAM solutions which can seamlessly provide Identity Governance solutions to ensure security is very essential today.

We provide integration with Azure AD where the accesses are governed with IAM solutions which can manage all your IoT devices. We are excited about providing these solutions— you can empower your customers with the same.

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Preethi Anchan, Ilantus Technologies

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yes please provide the details

Nairobi Parker
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You have the detail?