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Solve industry challenges using Azure

Solve industry challenges using Azure

Microsoft is highly focused on solving industry challenges and driving digital transformation for organizations of all sizes.  Through dedicated resources, new solutions, content and guidance is released almost daily.  This post aggregates a series of resources from the last month on how Azure can address common challenges in a variety of industries.

Banking & Capital Markets

How to upgrade your financial analysis capabilities with Azure

In corporate finance and investment banking, risk analysis is a crucial job.  Read how Azure can be used to implement a risk assessment solution.   

Lessons from big box retail

Banking customers want more from their services, including new choices, speed, and tailored recommendations. Find out how modern retail experiences can help.

Microsoft Azure launches tamper-proof Azure Immutable Blob Storage for financial services.

Immutable Blob Storage is now in public preview – enabling financial institutions to store and retain data in a non-erasable and non-rewritable format – and at no additional cost. Software providers and partners can now rely on Azure as a one-stop shop cloud solution for records retention and immutable storage with sensitive workloads.

Health & Life Sciences

Blockchain as a tool for anti-fraud

Fraud significantly contributes to rising health care costs.  Insufficiency protection of data integrity and insufficient transparency enable fraudulent activity. Explore how blockchain can be used as a tool to address fraud by addressing transparency and data integrity.

 Current use cases for machine learning in healthcare

Payers, providers, and pharmaceutical companies are all seeing applicability in their spaces and are taking advantage of ML today. This is a quick overview of key topics in ML, and how it is being used in healthcare.


IoT: the catalyst for better risk management in insurance

New technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Big Data give insurers “superpowers” to assess risk more accurately, manage risk continually, and mitigate risk in real-time.

Image classification for insurance claims on Azure

This example scenario is applicable for businesses that need to process images like analyzing text and images for insurance claims.


Foretell and prevent downtime with predictive maintenance

With advances in cloud storage, machine learning, edge computing, and the Internet of Things — predictive maintenance looms as the next step for the manufacturing industry.

 On-demand, scalable, high-power compute

Article covers well-known areas in engineering and manufacturing that need large computing power and explores how the Azure platform can help.


Azure cloud business value for retail and consumer goods explained

Explains the reasons retailers and consumer brands to move to the cloud and provides recommended next steps for starting this journey.

How to move your e-commerce infrastructure to Azure

Article outlines the options and decisions that most retailers face when planning a migration to Azure. For example:

  • Do you simply rehost your application in the cloud as-is? You immediately save the cost of infrastructure.
  • Or do you consider application refactoring? A switch to Azure PaaS (and even SaaS) increases the ability to integrate new services—those that expand capability, performance and scalability.