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BLOG: Building a better asset and risk management platform with elastic Azure services

Building a better asset and risk management platform with elastic Azure services


Elasticity means services can expand and contract on demand. This means Azure customers who are on a pay-as-you-go plan will reap the most benefit out of Azure services. Their service is always available, but the cost is kept to a minimum. This feature is so important, one Microsoft partner is using it as a point of differentiation.

Modular and elastic benefits

A key attribute of Azure is the interchangeable nature of services. Together with elasticity, Azure lets modern enterprises migrate and evolve more easily. For financial service providers, the modular approach lets customers benefit from best-of-breed analytics and in these areas:

  • Risk and performance analytics: Azure Data Lake Storage, DataBricks, and Azure Stream Analytics are just a few of the options for calculating risk.
  • Regulatory compliance automation (regtech): Automating compliance using Azure DevOps or using a service provider such as CloudNeeti simplifies an arduous task.
  • Investment management technology: Azure Virtual Machines or Azure Functions are just two options for managing investment portfolios.

With these capabilities, asset managers can build superior products that generate higher returns for their clients.


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