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Show me the money: Teams chat bot!

I created a chat bot that pushes approval forms so that users can submit and approve processes from within MS Teams. I thought customers will love the convenience of being able to complete business processes from a chat window. Since Teams works on mobile devices, I expected them to be excited about gaining a mobile channel for their line of business solutions. Since it provides conversational interface, I thought this would be the easiest way to roll out solutions - no install, just the keyword. 


Unfortunately, customers who have seen our solution, just says "cool". They don't even bother ask how much it costs! Are we too ahead of our time or simply out of our mind? Or customers haven't adopted Teams yet?


Re: Show me the money: Teams chat bot!

Hi Rico,

I think that you're on to something! It sounds that you have created an innovation that excites and I also understand that you have a dependency on your customers using teams.

I would suggest that you set up partnerships with the ones that are selling/influencing adoption of Teams. I would also suggest that you create a few pilot installations with customers where you document the success in a case studies (and perhaps you'll need to give away early installations for free in order to quickly be able to get use cases to document).

I think that people want to see how it works and wants to see what business problems you're solving in order to become ready to buy.


Regards, Per